2021 Nationals Update #3

Entry Reminder

Just 9 days to go till the entry cutoff for our 2021 Nationals.

Have you completed your entry?

Entry Deadline:  Friday 29th January 2021

Free/Free Known Sequence submission close: Friday 5th February 2020

Late entries might be accepted, but only at the whim of the Contest Director – bribes may be accepted in gold bullion, effective Covid-19 vaccines (not Sputnic 5), or pineapple lumps.

Remember, it is far preferable for you to enter and withdraw (with a full refund of entry fee) at a later date than to leave your entry to the last minute… the printing of sequences and scoring sheets is no small task for our volunteers.

Please help us make this a great event.

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Nick Buckenham - 2021-01-21

Hi evereyone,
Well – you lucky guys, or maybe you clever guys … the NZ Covid response must have been almost perfect, and I do hope you all get to run an excellent event. By comparison the four European championships this year in July and August look to be on somewhat riskier ground, we shall have to wait and see.
Have a great time!
Nick Buckenham, CIVA

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