2021 Nationals Update #4

Entry Deadline:  Friday 29th January 2021…CLOSED! (But we will let you in, if you are really really quick)

The next deadline is the submission of your Free/Free Knowns:

Friday 5th February 2020

And here is the most up-to-date competitor list:

Return of Trophies

If you have a trophy, please PLEASE bring it back with you (suitably engraved), or get it back to the event with somebody…anybody.

For this year…

  • At the event, we will have a minivan for transport around the airfield, and to and from your accommodation.
  • There will be an LLDA refresher for those who need one.
  • We will have the Awards Dinner on Saturday night.
  • You must be wearing a hi-viz vest or jacket when on an operational area (buy or acquire one now).
  • We will be asking everybody to sign-in, or to use their Covid-19 Tracer App, each day so that we comply with MoH guidelines.
The 2020 NZ Aerobatic Club Nationals (happier times, pre-Covid 19)

The Thrill of Competition Aerobatics – Race-craft

For all competitors, have a read of the following article, published in Kiwi Flyer and available on our website under Articles, which talks about your prep and ‘race-craft’, which in the motorsport world can be defined as:

‘The total of a racer’s skill (craft) along dimensions including: practicing, qualifying, starts, beginning, mid-race and end-race pace, passing, wear equipment usage, and pit strategy.’


The most common mistake many pilots make is not starting their sequence with enough energy (height and/or speed), so think about what you speed and height need at your first maneuver and STICK TO IT!

Also, if you take a break at any stage (highly recommended in the lower categories), use this break to best effect – CLIMB CLIMB CLIMB and get back to a good great start point for the recommencing of your sequence.


Call or email me for more info if needed – Grant Benns

(Contest Director/Organiser) 0210629929 grantbenns2014@gmail.com