Mid-Winter Update

Website Woes

Alas, all efforts to resurrect our old website have failed - Mike has given up, admitting defeat to some low-life scum who keeps repeatedly attaching the site. Why? Hardly for commercial gain or world domination. 

So, Terry and Mel (mainly Mel!) have taken up the task of creating a new web presence for us. You'll still be taken to the website if you go to aerobatics.co.nz, but you may notice the URL at the top is currently www.aerobatics.tillee.com

Big thanks to Mike Slack for managing our old website over the years, and to Mel and Terry for stepping up to generate and keep going the new one. With better security, we hope.

Plane Updates

Keith Trillo's old Pitts S1, ZK-EEU, continues to make steady progress towards completion, whenever Ryan Southam and Andy Love can get to it, at Omaka.

Richard Hoods' long-term/new-build Pits S1-SS(SSSSS!) is also progressing towards completion. I wonder who will win the Pitts completion race - Ryan and Andy, or Richard?!

Kind-of looks like a old-school fighter, with a gun-mount too. Top wings are over-rated, Richard!   

David Wilkinson will probably beat them both, and have a faster plan too, with his DR107 One-Design. I have watched these planes at the OZ Nationals do stuff you shouldn't be able to do with four cylinders and a little wing...amazing.

Pretty amazing progress, considering he just started this last Tuesday! (Actually, about two years ago - but it is plans built, unlike his RV8, which took not much more than a year to build)

Can you see a person in this last photo?

Like the movie 'Three Weddings and a Funeral', the last isn't great news, for The Great Stunt Company...again.

ZK-NUT had an altercation with a hangar door, the latter winning as they always do. 


Prop off for a wee holiday to Germany and a new tip - only about 3 months and $10k. Bugger. Bugger, bugger, bugger! 

2018 Nationals

August is the half-way point between each Nationals. Plans are underway for the 2018 event, minus the fog!

More info to come, but check out our website to see the sequences you need to start practicing NOW! They are also on OpenAero under Library/2018/NZAC.

Also, consider booking accommodation - the dates are 21-24 of February, but maybe come a couple of days early and plan on heading home on Sunday 25th. It can be a busy time of the year in the Wairarapa, with weddings in particular a big drain on accommodation.

South Island Akro Fest 2017

Andy has another great event planned for this year - very central (great for Russell, or anybody with a plane at Omaka!) and an awesome airfield. The box is cool too, if you can stay in it, and gives the spectators a great view of your prowess.

Turn up to avoid getting the dipstick...

Expect more info in your inbox, follow the Facebook page or contact Andy at torque_roll@hotmail.com 

LLDA Renewals

All LLDAs (low-level display authorisations) expire at the end of August, so get your paperwork in to Dave Brown early to avoid disappointment. If you have got one, you know the routine. If you haven't and need one, ask me for more info at grantbenns2014@gmail.com.

Articles and Content

Our website is as good as WE make it. If you have interesting, relevant and/or cool pictures/movies/links/whatever that is remotely connected to aerobatics, send it to Mel (mcminn@gmail.com) so she can find somewhere to list it. I have got Kiwi Flyer editor Michael Norton to provide us with the aerobatic articles I have been writing for his magazine - I hope you enjoy them.

That's all for now - fly safe,