Entry Forms for 2020 NZAC Nationals

It's that time of year again that we look towards our National Championships in February 2020, the 26th Feb - 1st March to be exact!  Not only do we have the Nationals coming up but AkroFest is the first contest of the season next month at Omaka, so it's definitely time to start some serious practice (aircraft serviceability permitting!) and get your AkroFest entry form in to Andy ASAP.


Here are some important dates for you to diary...

Nationals Entries are open NOW via electronic entry form here. Note that you must be a paid up member of the NZAC to enter.

All deadlines are 5 pm on the deadline date.

Entry Deadline: Friday 10th January 2020

Free & Free Known Sequence submission close: Friday 10th January 2020

Late entries might be accepted up until Friday 31st January 2020 but only at the whim of the Contest Director - bribes will be accepted in gold bullion, Bitcoin and bottomless top shelf Gin with artisanal Tonic.

To "encourage" compliance with the above deadline dates, Entry Penalties will be incurred by those that miss the deadlines as follows:
Late Penalty: 100 points plus 10 points per day after the deadline expiry.
Late entry penalties will be incurred on the Known flight.  Late Free or Free Known penalties will be incurred on the Free or Free Known flight.

Entry received 6pm Friday 10th January 2019 will incur 100pt + (1 day x 10pt) = 110pt penalty applied to the Known flight.
Entry received 3pm Monday 13th January 2019 will incur 100pt + (3 days x 10pt) = 130pt penalty applied to the Known flight.
Free Known received 8pm Friday 17th January will incur 100pt + (8 days x 10pt) = 180pt penalty applied to the Free Known flight.

Remember, it is far preferable for you to enter and withdraw (with a full refund of entry fee) at a later date than to leave your entry to the last minute... the printing of sequences and scoring sheets is no small task.

Sequences to be flown in the 2019 event are available on the website www.aerobatics.nz ) under "Sequences" or within OpenAero under "Library".  All Free and FreeKnown sequences must be submitted to the Contest Director in OpenAero format.  Please ensure you've checked your sequences against the NZAC rules in OpenAero prior to submitting them. 

Your Free and Free Unknown sequences should be uploaded during the entry process. You are able to go back to your form and change and/or upload additional files after it is submitted originally. This is a new work process, so let me know if you encounter any difficulties.

It's never too early to send copies of pilot and aircraft documentation (BFR, Aerobatic Bi-Annual, LLDA, Medical, Insurance) to the Contest Director - again this preferable rather than chasing this after the opening briefing at Masterton!

If there are any questions regarding entries, documentation requirements, sequences... or any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact Mel McMinn on 022 650 7939 or email me at mcminn@gmail.com