North Island AkroFest Postponed

The inaugural North Island Akrofest planned for 4-5 of April, is being delayed for 1-3 months due to the Covid-19 concerns and to allow us to also assess the employment and economic implications for some of our competitors.

Please consider utilizing this time to still prepare for the aerobatic season by designing your Free Known sequences, practicing on your own, do any maintenance work in advance, do some online aerobatic judging course and consider doing your BFRs now to be ready for the next 2 nationals.
Details of the event below, it should be a great competition and looking forward to see you there.

Be safe with Covid-19 and fly safe too.
Morris Tull                                                           Grant Benns 
President                                                            North Island Akrofest Event Organizer

Note that 2021 new sequences are uploaded on the website and will be used for any competitions through to the Nationals of 2021.