2020 NI Akro Fest Postponement v2

Attempt two of getting the NI Akro Fest underway has failed, again due to poor weather forecast for Saturday, and a cold, unstable sou’westerly likely on Sunday too. Not fun.

Therefore, this is the official postponement notice for June 27th/28th – watch this space for the new dates, most likely to be in August.

If there is a silver lining to this delay, hopefully this will enable an extra competitor or three to get themselves and/or their mount ready.

Entries are still open (final date TBC).

It would be great to see some more RVs, Robins and Yaks etc having a crack at Recreational, so tell your friends to check out the sequences on our website.

Those who have either entered or volunteered to help are part of a WhatsApp group chat – contact me if you wish to be included for event-specific information.

Enjoy winter!

Grant 021 0629929