2021 Nationals – Update #2

In this update:

  • A call for volunteers
  • Info on how to compose and check your Free Knowns (Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited).
  • Free composition for Rec and Sports
  • Entry Close-off dates


Our events run on volunteers to carry out ground duties.

No ground ‘staff’ = no pilots flying.

As part of the entry process, competitors are asked if they are available to volunteer for ground duties. For those of you wishing to attend but not compete, we would love (and NEED) your help, as a:

Judge / Judge’s Assistant / Scribe / Starter / Spotter / General Dog’s Body.

For ALL attendees – competitors and non-competitors – please let me know ASAP, by email or text, if you are willing and able to help in one of these roles.

Free Known composition

For those of you flying Int/Adv/Unlimited, this is to clarify how to produce and check your 2021 Free Known (Int/Adv/Unknown) using OpenAero.

Select Library>2020>CIVA>(your category). You will then be asked if you want to open the Free(Un)known designer – I would suggest you do as it makes roughing out your sequence easier. You can always fine-tune the sequence after pushing ‘Finalize Sequence’.

Before you ‘Check sequence’, ensure you have the correct Rules and Program selected in the yellow Sequence Info area. This must be set to Rules>NZAC and Program>Free Known.

Clear as mud? If not, contact me.

Free Composition

If you are new to our comps, and/or want to have a crack at designing you own (optional) Free sequence, you will need to acquaint yourself with OpenAero, ideally using the Chrome browser.

You will find on our website a Kiwi Flyer article on OpenAero basics – look in Articles>Aero Sequencing.

Using a blank sequence, in the yellow Sequence Info box, ensure you have set Class>Power, Rules>NZAC, Category>Recreational (or Sports) and Program>Free. By doing this, you have now restricted OpenAero to only allow those figures and total difficulty (K) factor you are entitled to use.

The red Alerts box will tell what you are missing, lacking or exceeding . The aim of the game is to have the maximum allowable total K-factor (currently 140K) spread as evenly as you can across the maximum of 12 figures. Pick figures you know, have practiced and can fly consistently well.

When you have finished, selecting Sequence>Check Sequence will confirm you have done everything right.

Here is an example I whipped up, for your inspiration (use?):

Entry Deadline:  Friday 29th January 2021

Free/Free Known Sequence submission close: Friday 5th February 2020

Late entries might be accepted, but only at the whim of the Contest Director – bribes may be accepted in gold bullion, effective Covid-19 vaccines (not Sputnic 5), or pineapple lumps.

Remember, it is far preferable for you to enter and withdraw (with a full refund of entry fee) at a later date than to leave your entry to the last minute… the printing of sequences and scoring sheets is no small task for our volunteers.


Call or email me for more info if needed – Grant Benns (Contest Director/Organiser) 0210629929 grantbenns2014@gmail.com