MercerComps Q1/2021

When: April 17th/18th, 2021, Briefing 9am both days

Where: Mercer Airport

Due to issues with the website, invites were sent to all previous North Island AkroFest competitors and helpers, for the first of our MercerComps series. The intent is to run a MercerComp every quarter, incorporating the North Island AkroFest in the last quarter of the year, so that the North Islanders can up the ante and take it to the Mainlanders!



  1. Pierre Puchon                         Robin 2160 TZF


  1. David Wilkinson                      DR107 EZG
  2. Pierre Puchon                         Robin 2160 TZF


  1. John Ashman                          Giles G202 NUT
  2. David Cranna                          Vans RV7 RVQ
  3. David Wilkinson                      DR107 EZG


  1. David Cranna                           Extra 330LX   XLS
  2. Steve Geard                             Yak 55           YKV
  3. Mike Slack                               Zlin Z50         ZSO


  1. Mo Tull                                   Giles G202 NUT
  2. Grant Benns                            Giles G202 NUT
  3. Brent Griffin                            Giles g202 NUT


Saturday…average in the morning but improving as the day progresses

Sunday…looks great!

Please feel free to come along and watch, even if you haven’t watched.

Contact me for more info – 0210629929

Grant Benns – Contest Director