Feb 2017 Newsletter

With the Nationals less than two weeks away, here are some reminders for those of you attending, or still considering attending...


If you type aerobatics.co.nz you will be taken somewhere different - our new/temporary website. Our main website got hacked and corrupted a few weeks ago, by somebody keen on world domination perhaps - we were an obvious target! Maybe the same guy who got Trump into power?! IN the meantime, Mike and Mel have put up a temporary website to keeps us going with info about the Nationals...and that's about all. Please be patient while we get back on our feet - and feel free to email Mike Slack or me, Grant Benns, directly for more information.


If you haven't entered by now, almost too late...almost. Mike will take last minute entries (because he is a good guy) but you can imagine the effort required in generating judging packs etc, so if you are still thinking about it, do it NOW! Just send him an email with the Category you are going to fly in, your aircraft and contact details, and your Free Known (from Open Aero) if you are a Sports/Int/Adv pilot. We can sort out the entry fees later - just getting you there is the important part.


If you are attending this year, please remember to bring back last year's trophy, engraved with your name. IF YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING, PLEASE GET YOUR TROPHY BACK TO US, NOW. Find a way - with somebody else, by courier, however you can. Contact us to make arrangements.


Some stay in motels, some in rented houses, some in tents. If you are still without accomodation, I have been updated on a house that can sleep 4-6 within walking distance of the aerodrome - let me know if you need it, ASAP. And if you want to bask in the Wairarapa heat, you can pitch a tent beside Andy and the pool, out back of the Aero Club - we have the use of an adjoining hangar's showers etc too.


Very limited, first-in first-served. But we will endeavour to get the fragile (bi)-planes looked after first.


You will find our operative rules on the website - you should be conversant with those parts that are relevant to your category, as well as the general safety rules. If you want to win, you should be VERY conversant with what the judges want to see - the Judging Criteria. ALL competitors need to read and be aware of the 2017 Nationals Procedures Manual, also found on the website. Copies will be floating around the Event too - we must do what we say we are going to do, for the safety of all, in the air and on the ground. CAA will be in attendance.


Mike needs to sight your documents before you can fly, including In-Box practice (which forms part of our Event). These are the obvious things (licence, medical, aerobatic bi-annual, LLDA) and the less obvious (aircraft insurance - third party liability). You can scan and send him this now, or bring it along. No paperwork = no fly.


Some of you may be arriving early for Wings Over Wairarapa, others will arrive on Monday (me) or Tuesday. Obviously we are beholden to the weather, as usual, but if that behaves this is the plan (subject to change, at any time, for any reason!):

  • In-box practice (box markers will be out - get a briefing from Mike or I)
  • Briefing at 8am - attendance compulsory, lateness punished
  • First competition flight up at 10am (probably Steve!)
  • Known- LLDA refresher over the lunch break 12-2pm (heat of the day)
  • Finish at 5pm.
  • Briefing at 8am - attendance compulsory, lateness punished - again
  • 9am flying... Know (part 2), Free Known
  • 12-2pm Free Unknown workshop/composition
  • Finish flying at 5pm
  • AGM at 6pm (finish at 6.05pm)
  • Briefing at 8am - attendance compulsory, lateness ridiculed
  • 9am flying... Unknown, Free Unknown, 4-minute Free
  • Finish when we finish, clean up what we can
  • Dinner, prize-giving 7.30pm
  • Clean-up, pack-up.

Aerial view of aerobatic box, Masterton

Langley-Marshall Aerobatic Memorial Trophy - March 18th (19th for wx)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of what was the Langley Memorial Aerobatic Competition.

Recently, this event has been renamed to also recognise the founder of the competition, the late Paul Marshall (Simon's father), who was a great friend of Brian Langley’s and a longtime President of the NZ Aerobatic Club - not to mention hoarder of the NZAC Advanced trophy!

The event will be held at North Shore Aero Club on Saturday March 18th, with the 19th as the alternate weather day.

For those of you unfamiliar with the competition, it is structured in such a way as to level the playing field. A Chipmunk flying Primary can go toe to toe with a Zlin, Giles or MX flying a more rigorous sequence. This year we will be flying the 2017 NZAC Known sequences, so those of you fresh from the Nationals may be feeling good about doing well...or not! The highest percentage score takes the magnificent trophy.

It would be great to see a large contingent of Aerobatic pilots celebrating the memory of both Brian and Paul.Register your interest with Simon Marshall at Simon1972@outlook.com. (021747943)