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2024 NZ National Aerobatic Championships

Where: Hood Aerodrome (NZMA) Masterton
When: Wednesday, Feb 28th to Saturday, Mar 3rd

(practice day Tuesday Feb 27th)

Early bird Entry Closing Date: January 21st

($100 late entry penalty after this date)

This is our main annual event and all categories from Primary to Unlimited are available for entry, including the 4-minute Freestyle for eligible competitors. The NZAC philosophy and intent of the organisers and Club committee is to help you have a safe but fun event; to enable you to have a go, learn and improve; and to support your efforts to win!

Event Procedures Manual

The Procedures Manual for the event outlines the operational procedures used before and during the running of the NZ Aerobatic Club Nationals, to ensure a safe and expeditious flow of competition.

Please read and understand this document if entering the competition to ensure a safe, fun, and successful event for everybody.


The timetable will be confirmed closer to the event, and no-doubt amended during the event, but here is a rough draft plan

Mon 26th – Tues 27th Arrivals, Box markers setup
Tuesday 27th Aircraft Tech inspections / Official In-Box practice
Wednesday 28thh Competition Start – Knowns
Thursday 29th Feb Free/Free Knowns, AGM at lunch break
Friday 1st Mar Unknowns, LLDA refresher at lunch break
Saturday 2nd Free Unknown / 4 min Free, Prize Giving Dinner

Please bear in mind this is very provisional, and dependent on category numbers etc., but also mostly THE WEATHER!


Now is the time to grab your friends and arrange your accommodation NOW!

You can utilize Bookabach or Airbnb etc. We have permission for you to camp in a tent/camper/ caravan (we can arrange the latter) adjacent to the Aero Club (like they do at Oshkosh) and there may be some rooms/beds available in the Aero Club ‘Ravensdown’ hangar (bring a sleeping bag). The Aero Club has full kitchen and bathroom facilities to support us, so you should have a fun time being right on the field.

You can let us know your plans and/or preferences during the entry process.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to sort out some accommodation NOW.

Entry Fees

These cover our admin, facility and van hire, and equipment purchase and replacement.

As per previous years, this is calculated at $60 per planned judged flight (user-pays!), therefore the base entry fees are:

  • Primary / Recreational / Sports – 3 flights / $180
  • Intermediate to Unlimited – 4 flights / $240

Multiple Entries

You have come all the way to Masterton and may want to make the most of your flying-time. Therefore, at the discretion of the Contest Director, you may enter to fly in: a) two categories (in the same or different aircraft), or b) twice in the same category (but only in different aircraft), as follows:

a) Two categories (same or different aircraft) – you are eligible for category placings and trophies, but only the higher category will count for Champion of Champions or highest sequence trophies (e.g. Highest Unknown score etc.)

b) Twice in same category (different aircraft) – you must nominate (before event commencement!) which aircraft will be your ‘scoring’ aircraft, and that will also be the one you fly the Unknowns first.

We are trying to encourage more flying, but not ‘trophy hunting’!


You have the option to prepay 4 supplied lunches (Wed-Sat) at $15/day. This is highly recommended, but if you want to bring your own, that’s fine too –you can opt-out.

Dinner for Wed-Fri may also be prepaid at $20/day. We anticipate a Club-hosted ‘Welcome’ BBQ on Wednesday night. Opt-out available too.

The Prize Giving dinner is $70, and is a fully-catered three course meal.

Note – All dinners do NOT include drinks!


Remember you need to be a paid-up financial member of the club to compete, however it is only $35… This can be done at time of entry.

If you are not sure if you have paid this year’s subs, check your bank account (the membership year is April 1st – March 31st) or ask us.

Our Valued Assistants, Volunteers and Helpers

We can’t run these events without a bit of extra help and if you can join us for the week, we will shout you lunch if you Enter and register as a volunteer. You may be shouted a few beers and a flight too. If you know someone who may be available and interested in helping us (like a Young Eagle, ATC cadet or aviation enthusiast) please put them in touch with us.


The Known sequences to be flown in the 2024 event are available on our website www.aerobatics.nz under “Sequences”, or within OpenAero under Library/2024/NZAC.

The Free Known figures (INT/ADV/UNT) for our 2024 Nationals utilize the CIVA 2023 category figures, found on OpenAero/Library/2023/CIVA(category)Free Known.


For those members new (and not so new) wishing to partake in upcoming NZAC events, this serves as a reminder of the various programs we fly at of our aerobatic competitions, in accordance with the NZAC rules (which can be found on the NZAC website).

Note – not every event will include all the programs, so check the event notification/info as to which programs and sequences will be flown, but at the Nationals we try (weather/time permitting) to fly them all, as follows:

Program 1 – ‘The Known Compulsory Program’.

Sequences for Primary and Recreational do not change from year-to-year, however for Sports to Unlimited we adopt the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) sequences from the previous season. Everybody in a particular category will fly the same Known Compulsory sequence, and should arrive at the event having had ample practice(!), given the early availability of the sequences… They may be downloaded, now, from two sources:

  • NZAC website – https://aerobatics.nz/ Choose your category under the Sequences drop down
  • OpenAero – www.openaero.net (Library/2024/NZAC). Note – OpenAero works best with the Google Chrome browser.

Program 2 – ‘The Free Program’

sequences follow a different pattern depending on the category:

  • Primary competitors MUST fly the Program 1 Known Compulsory sequence again.
  • Recreational and Sports competitors have the option of EITHER flying the Program 1 sequence again OR creating their own sequence, designed on OpenAero in accordance with the NZAC rules.
  • Intermediate to Unlimited competitors MUST create their own sequences, designed on OpenAero using the NZAC rules and the prescribed Free Known figures found in Library/2023/CIVA(category)Free Known.

OpenAero is the place to design your Free sequence, as the ‘rules’ for each category are builtin, meaning only the prescribed/allowable figures are available for the category you choose to fly, and pushing the ‘check sequence’ button upon completion will confirm compliance with the rules. The beauty of the Free/Free Known Program is that YOU can design the sequence to suit your plane and your style of flying. And you can practice it to perfection too!

Program 3 – the Unknowns

  • Primary competitors, worry-not! You just have a third go at flying your Known sequence.
  • For all other categories, the Unknown sequence for all competitors in your category will be provided by the Contest Director at an opportune time during the competition, which will allow you time to think about it, but no practice is allowed. This will most likely be Friday night, to be flown on Saturday.

Program 4 – the Free Unknowns.

This is only for Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited competitors, who get together to produce a set of five base figures, which are then able to be used (with linking figures) to produce a customized/personalized sequence by each or any competitor or ‘team’. The chosen sequence to fly can’t be practiced, hence it is still an unknown. Fun, Fun, Fun!

Program 5 –the 4-minute Free.

This a true freestyle program, available only to Advanced, Unlimited or invited pilots to display their skill, flair and art in an airshow-type display, and judged by their peers, albeit to a published set of judging guidelines.

The Box

And here is the Box that you will try to keep your aircraft within. Good luck with that!


It’s never too early to check your expiry dates of your pilot and aircraft documentation (Pilot License, Medical, BFR, Aerobatic Bi-Annual, LLDA, Aircraft Insurance). We would like a picture of you with your aircraft too, for our results/event media.

You should have these documents scanned or photographed ready to upload during the entry process, however you can update/add your docs after you have made your initial entry. But we are not your mother – don’t make us chase you for them.

Please ensure your pilot and aircraft documents are valid for the period of the competition: medical, BFRs, 50-hour check, Annual, Radio and compass checks in case the Feds turn up.


We need these back. If you won something last time, please engrave it with your name in the same size/style as previous, then polish it and either bring it back with you, or courier it to us c/- the Wairarapa Aero Club.

Entry process

Closing date for early entries is January 21st – after then we will only accept late entries with begging AND a $100 late entry fee (bar tab donation)

We don’t need all your info straight away – although it would help – but we would like to know your commitment to enter and attend, including volunteer/helpers.

If you must pull out at late notice for a genuine bonafide reason, you will receive a refund. Likewise, if we must cancel the event due weather etc.


Contact us for assistance.

Morris Tull, Club President / Contest Director & Organiser
[email protected]

Andrew Love, Club Secretary/Treasurer /Organiser
[email protected]

Grant Benns, Committee Member / Event Organiser
[email protected]

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