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Formed in 1985 by an intrepid group of aerobatic enthusiasts, the New Zealand Aerobatic Club (Inc.) promotes and facilitates the sport of Aerobatics throughout New Zealand, enabling pilots to enhance their flying skills through the joy and freedom of aerobatic flight.

With encouragement and the enabling of training and coaching at regular Club events, Members are able to enjoy the thrill of competition in a social environment of friendship and camaraderie.

2202, 2023

Final Newsletter before 2023 Nationals


Final Newsletter Feb 13th.

HI Everyone,

It is now only 2 weeks to go to our NZAC Aerobatic Nationals, I hope you are ready. This is a direct email to your email address received on your registration to give some relevant information to the Competitors and Volunteers.

Many thanks to Mike Fowler, Trish Stevens, Gillian Phillips, Noel Kinvig, Richard Wallace, Simone Barry, Kym Tull and Lawrence Robinson for offering to help through the week.

Our main form of instant information is via the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. If you don’t have it, please download it and set it up with your registered mobile phone number and I will be able to find you and add you to the two chat groups.

There will be two groups set up, “NZAC Nationals Official” will be for essential info for the event and I ask you to not clutter it up with chat as it will largely be for info from the contest director and essential questions regarding the competition.

The second group is called “ NZAC Nationals Chat”, and this is for your random chat, photos, jibes and fun. Please start using this one for that from now. If you do not seem to be on the groups, let me know.

It is apparent we will need a people mover van to get back and forward to the judge line, move people to their lodging and all other tasks so the organizers are obtaining a van and will ask for a contribution as required or utilized.

I have attached our Procedure Manual for the event. Grant Benns and Morris have worked hard to make this practical and correct list of our procedures and we expect you to read, understand and operate in accordance with this Procedure Manual. At the end of the manual is some guidelines learned from experience on how to do some of the ground volunteer roles.

To help you remember what to bring to the competition, I have attached a checklist, although there is a Warehouse and a Bunnings at Masterton if you need to buy some trousers or tools etc.

We appreciate and encourage those of you stepping up to learn to be judges, I have attached a Quick Reference Guide to remind you of the scoring points deductions. I will try to write one for the Scribes who write down the scores as the judges call them.

We can assign a mentor to any new competitors to guide you along the event and everyone please ask if you don’t understand any aspect or instructions, better safe than sorry. Our club attitude is to try hard to make it happen, and assist you to have a great week.

Thanks Grant and Andy for assisting the workload and helping me with my first go at Contest Director.

Regards Morris.


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