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Formed in 1985 by an intrepid group of aerobatic enthusiasts, the New Zealand Aerobatic Club (Inc.) promotes and facilitates the sport of Aerobatics throughout New Zealand, enabling pilots to enhance their flying skills through the joy and freedom of aerobatic flight.

With encouragement and the enabling of training and coaching at regular Club events, Members are able to enjoy the thrill of competition in a social environment of friendship and camaraderie.

1809, 2021

Subs Renewal (2021/2022)


Subscriptions for the 2021-22 season are unchanged and now due. You must be a financial member of the New Zealand Aerobatic Club to participate in club events and receive the E-newsletter.

106, 2021

2021/2022 Sequences now available!


Good news, the 2021/2022 sequences are now available. Check them out on the sequences page!

105, 2019

Aerobatic Turn Arounds


Competition aerobatics are flown inside a 1km by 1km box, affectionately known as ‘the box’. Aerobatic sequences are designed to keep aircraft within the box utilising manoeuvres that continuously reverse the direction of flight.

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103, 2019

2019 NZAC Nationals


Ever wondered what it’s like getting involved with competition aerobatics? Paul Curran writes this article detailing his first experience at our 2019 Nationals event.

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101, 2019

Aerobatic Pre-flights for Pilots


Every pilot knows the importance of a thorough pre-flight… but for aerobatics we take it a step further… for obvious reasons! In this episode, Grant covers the in’s and out’s of an aerobatic pre-flight.

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109, 2018

Aerobatic Sequence Design Part 2


Grant has started writing articles for KiwiFlyer. In this first episode, Grant ponders a philosophical discussion on ‘Why Aerobatics’ and then looks at some ideas on how to get started.

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